Finding yourself in front of a screen practicing safe social distancing instead of out in the field?
At Eddyfi Technologies, we are doing our part in helping you be better prepared for what comes next.

We introduce to you Eddyfi on Demand. Fill your schedule with webinars, how-to videos, informative technical papers and our NEW addition: Eddyfi Academy. There, you will have access to FREE online courses and obtain certificates of attendance once completed in order for you to include these e-learning sessions in your log of required training hours.


Join us today. Stay safe, stay Beyond Current.



Eddyfi on Demand

Webinars, how-to videos, informative technical papers


Coffee Break with Eddyfi

Join us on our YouTube Channel for live sessions, hosted by one of our experts. From science,to hands-on tips and tricks to discussions on challenging applications, these weekly events are not to be missed! Subscribe to our channel today.


Eddyfi Academy

Online training courses to cover the basics

Have an idea about courses you'd like to see? Want to contribute? Let us know below.